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Thanks for visiting theDrektor!

I hope you can find everything you need. As theDrektor, I was always focused on providing high-quality theatrical direction, set design, performances, audience satisfaction and more for over 56 years and 66 years involvement in the THEATRE.

Even though I have recently retired from Directing, I still believe that a quality theatrical piece is a col- laboration between director, writer, cast, designers, crew and audience. The final result for the audience should always be an experience of cohesiveness.

Theatre is meant to invoke thought and emotions, good or bad. Audiences should leave the theatre and want to discuss what they've just witnessed, the elements of the production they've just encountered, character, plot, dialogue and resolve. Simply saying - "That was a good play," or "That wasn't very good," was never good enough for me. Make the audience think and feel.

The actors reach into the chests of the audience members, remove their hearts for a couple of hours, massage those hearts, make them feel, laughter or tears, and then return their hearts and suture them up for the trip home. That would be a successful production.

However, there comes time when one can "see the stage-light." And, I have seen mine. When I was acting, I always said, 'When it was no longer fun, when it became WORK, I would retire,' and I did. Then, when designing and building sets became WORK, I retired from that. Now, I must say, DIRECTING, the thing I enjoyed most after over 170 productions, has become WORK.

I hope my friends and audiences in Los Angeles, Chicago and Tucson have enjoyed my work

For all those who were entertained by any of my productions, if you laughed, cried and thought, THANK YOU.

Contact Sheldon Metz, directly by email at: 

[email protected] 

I hope to see you again!